Friday, 9 December 2011

Something old...

Whether we realize or not, our age keep increase from year to year. It is the same when we buy something such as laptop, handphone or whatever the thing is, that thing will become an old stuff. When we buy something, we buy it because we need it and we also know the 'something' we buy today will become a useless junk in the future.

Same goes to  a job or occupation or work or profession. To make it simple we stick to job. The thing I want to mention here is about traditional job.

Traditional means old. So, Traditional job means a profession that need to be done manually mostly by using hand, only a little using machine. In this century, not many people want to do this kind of job. People only think about high incomes. Nobody cares about the enjoyment in traditional job. People don't have time for this thing. They only care about their work that can give them high incomes.

Something need to be done to preserve the traditional jobs. After all, this are the uniqueness and treasure or our country. Whether we preserve it or the next generation do not know anything about mason, carpenter, goldsmith etc. We are the root of the future.